Demo Reel Breakdown
00:02-00:07- CNLA Bumper (2013) : I keyed and tweened Porky Pig loosely based on Tiny Toon footage the client gave us using Flash.
00:07-00:09 - Teleheroes (2014) : I designed the boy character, boarded the commercial and keyed and animated most of the spot. 
00:09-00:30 PBS Kids! Rebrand (2013) : I was the lead animator on this project and lead a small team.  The demo shots shows some scenes that I keyed and tweened.
00:31-00:37 Tas Interstitials (2014) : I keyed and tweened the Ice King for a majority of his song and did most of the keys for Gumball.
00:37-00:41 Math 180 (2014) : I helped with keys and tweens on this project, as well as some character designs.
00:41-00:48 Math 180 Pilot (2013) : Under direction, I designed, boarded, keyed and animated the Pilot for Math 180 that helped us obtain the full Scholastic job.
00:48-00:50 CNLA Bumper (2015): I boarded the bumpers as well as keyed and tweened most of them.
00:51-00:56 Squidbillies ep. 80 (2013) : I helped design a small in game shot in the episode, as well as keyed and tweened the game.
00:56-00:58 Moon Animate (2014) : I did a shot for the collaborative Moon Animate project, I designed, keyed and tweened my shot.
00:58-1:06 Shrinkerton Live (2014): I keyed and tweened this shot.
1:06-1:15 Toonix (2012): I helped with keys and tweens for these CNLA spots.  The ones shown are some scenes I keyed and tweened myself.

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